Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Episode 54 Borked Computer Machine

Hi everyone! I hope this episode works for you. I had problems with my computer and now I'm using a newer version of Garageband that doesn't have all the podcast features and I hope things worked. Let me know if they don't!



Done knitting, but needs finishing: my Slinky Skirt, which is KiraK's Sawtooth Skirt.

One sock finished, other started: Mossy Mockery Socks. Yarn: FAME trend with Fortissima Socka Beilaufgarn for reinforcement



Oakland's Telegraph Ave has protected bike lanes (don't park in them!)

Bicyclist deaths in SF (don't speed! don't run red lights!)


Down by the Bay

SF Pride

Pedalfest Jack London Square 

Check out this episode!

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