Monday, January 7, 2013

Episode 7 TBD

I titled this Episdoe "TBD" because I'm in wait-mode for the baby, but then I forgot to mention that the "TBD" was about when the baby will show up.

And now... linkage!

Kicking Bag for Babies by Annika

Easy Knitted Bacon by BacoKnitter Designs

Hai-Riyo by Nicky Epstein

Cherries are the Bomb by Marcie Nishioka

mr. pear by Peachcake Knits

Jelly Rings by Melody Johnson

Amelia by Erin Ruth

WonderMike on Twitter

Lawrence Hall of Science

Madsen Bicycles

Infiknity Blog

JABAK Podcast Group on Ravelry

I'll be in touch! Next episode in a month!

Check out this episode!

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